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#thePOSITIVE Digital Business Agency is a Digital Business & Digital Marketing Agency based in Perth Western Australia.

Digital Marketing is a major part of the services and support a Digital Business agency offers small and medium business, NGO’s, Freelancers and Consultants.

We have an office in West Perth, Cloverdale and Fremantle and we provide Digital Business, Digital Marketing, & Social Media support, tools & services. Including WordPress website maintenance and hosting.

We specialise in Local SEO, including Google My Business Page (GMB) establishment and management.

Our business consulting and training programs are strongly informed by Positive Psychology with a holistic approach to help you and your team members achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Our Positive Psychology approach includes a focus on evidence, strengths over weakness and includes holistic practices such as  mindfulness.

Prior to Covid we also had a Byron Bay and Sydney base, we expect to be back working from these locations once we get back to the new normal.

#LocalBusiness specialists, who offer training & coaching programs to empower entrepreneurial mindset including specialist programs for WomenInBusiness.

#BeOnline #thrive and #flourish.

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Here is a short video that explains what positive psychology is all about … enjoy!


Kimmaree Thompson

Kimmaree Thompson is a positive change and digital business consultant and the Founder of #thePOSITIVE Business Agency.

She has worked on major digital transformation projects, such as the Statewide roll-out of a Health Department risk management system and has worked as an Accredited Small Business Advisor, Digital Advisor and Mentor with the Belmont Business Enterprise Center in Western Australia and the Sydney Business Enterprise Center in NSW.

Kimmaree has a passion for creative industries and regional development a Previous Board Member of the Food, Fibre & Timber Industries Training Council (WA) Inc. and a current Board Member with the Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre of Western Australia Inc.

You can read more about Kimmaree Thompson at www.kimmareethompson.com




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