This is my first #ThePositive Blog Post.

I am launching this blog to help people bring more positive into their lives, their family lives, their work lives and their lives as members of their local community.

Positive Psychology and the strengths-based movement is a new way to look at change, it is so new that it did not even exist as part of the main stream discussion until the early 21st Century.

Technically the term was first used  in 1954 by Abraham Maslow in his book Motivation and Personality.  Practically the Positive Psychology movement did not really go mainstream until early in the 2000’s following Martin Seligman being appointed president of the American Psychological Association in 1998.  Martin Seligman  chose Positive Psychology as his theme for his term as president of the American Psychological Association.

Personally I first became aware of positive psychology principles in the mid-1990’s, well before that term was being widely used.  I was a Human Resources

scientifically proven science of positive psychology and the strengths-based movement.

Director in the West Australian Government, looking at issues of motivation that led me to read the book “Flow; the psychology of optimal experience” by Mihaly Csikszenthmihalyi, I still can’t say his last name correctly but his work got me hooked on the basic principles of what is now the

As time went on I added extra block’s to my learning with the works of Martin Seligman in ” Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life” and the works of Marcus Buckingham including First, Break All the Rules (with Curt Coffman; Simon & Schuster, 1999) and Now, Discover Your Strengths (with Donald O. Clifton; The Free Press, 2001).  “How full is your Bucket” was also another book from the thinkers at The Gallup Organization that had a big impact on my thinking and informed my change management practice and methodologies.

I will use this blog to write about my own thoughts and experiences appreciating the positive in life and life’s work.  I will also let you know about courses, workshops, books and other tools that I launch; last but not least I will be using this blog to share with you case studies and the excellent work of others I find to help you find more ways to bring more of #ThePositive into every aspect of your life.

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I hope you find this blog a useful and informative resource that supports you to bring more of #ThePositive into your life … #in-joy!