#ThePositive Training program, change your culture by embedding a positive lens.

#ThePositive Training, empower your team

#ThePositive Training is all about working with strengths; it is evidence-based training informed by the proven science documented in the Positive Psychology literature.

Primarily #ThePositive training programs focus on building an organisation’s capacity to apply a positive lense to change management, change the culture to unleash innovation, creativity and resilience during times of change. In addition to the #ThePositive change management training we also offer more personal resilience programs that tend to be referred to more as mindfulness or mindful leadership programs.

Most organisations start with #ThePositive cultural change programs and then consider the more personal programs usually referred to as mindful leadership training, a mix of both positive psychology training programs can be built into bespoke programs for large-scale or multi-site change management programmes.

#ThePositive change management training programs focus on building the following capabilities:

  • Building a positive workplace culture.
    Being more aware of the positive and negative impact actions and interactions have on individual team-members.
  • Building positive workplace relationships.
    Organisations have a human-system core, team members need to feel “safe” at work, safe to participate and safe to perform at their best.
  • Create opportunities for positive communication.
    A “safe” workplace has a ratio of at least 4-6 positive interactions for every 1 negative interaction, particularly in human-services organisations it is necessary for leaders at every level to ensure that opportunities for positive communication are built into the way “things are done around here”. Positive communication can ignite hope and optimism.
  • Appreciate the value of meaning and purpose.
    Human’s are not “units of production”, just cogs in the machine. Work clearly linked to meaning and purpose inspires innovation and creativity.

The Institute for Mindful Leadership multi-year research from working with Fortune 200 companies shows that mindful (positive) training consistently delivers results that include 48%+ increase in the ability to focus at work; 40%+ increase in personal productivity; 34%+ increase in the ability to prioritise effectively; 31%+ increase in employee satisfaction and a 34%+ reported improvement in the ability to perform under sustained pressure.

Google, Intel and Target are just some of the major corporations who have implemented positive or mindful (positive) training programs to increase creativity, innovation and productivity in their organisations.  Read about some of their ROI in this Harvard Business Review Article.

Harvard Business Review | Google etc Mindful Leadership
  • #ThePositive training for managers and supervisors, small changes that enlivens depressed or underperforming culture.  Offset the required negative/failure interactions by proactively increasing the number of positive communications.  Strategies for meetings, performance discussions, planning & implementation.
  • #ThePositive training for performance improvement and change management teams.
  • #ThePositive training for whole-system cultural change; Appreciative Inquiry team training, Appreciative Interview training, Appreciative Summit training.
  • Facilitated #ThePositive Strategy and Strategic Planning Days.
  • Employee and stakeholder climate surveys.
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At the heart of #ThePositive Intensive is the same Positive Psychology intervention as we use for the whole-system large-group consultation approach, the Appreciative Inquiry consultation model is just as effective when used as a catalyst for small group targeted change

It goes beyond fixing “the deficit” preventing “losses” with a #ThePositive Summit innovation and creativity is unleashed to build a truly positive future … a mindset or cultural change in the way your people and your stakeholders think about your organisation, your business or your community.


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case studies

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