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Best Year Ever?
| 52-Page Planner

Make it Real

Plan your year like a professional, life-goals, business-goals and financial-goals.
Right down to the weekly tasks .  Download our Planner and Make it Real

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Weekly | Appreciation Journal

Download the PDF File and print it out each week to help you amplify  #ThePositive in your life.

A gratitude Journal, by another name.

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Strengths Test
| Free Online

link is to the viacharacter.org website

The VIA Survey of Character Strengths is a simple self-assessment that takes less than 15 minutes and provides a wealth of information to help you understand your core characteristics.

visit | viacharacter.org

CliftonStrengths 34
| Paid Test

link is to the gallupstrengthscenter.com website

Stop trying to be more of who you’re not, and start focusing on what naturally makes you powerful and unique. Maximize your potential with CliftonStrengths 34 — the proven way to live your strongest life possible.

visit | gallupstrengthscenter.com

Small Drops
| Positive Notes

link is to the gallup.com website

Looking to fill someone’s bucket? Make it memorable. Recognize a coworker, mentor or family member by writing them a drop. Drops are a fun way to give people meaningful recognition and encouragement when they are doing their best.

visit | gallup.com

Positive Turn
| Board Game

link is to the positiveturngame.com website

First ever board game in the field of positive psychology, players will discover and examine their potential while fostering connections, open discussion and confidence building.

visit | positiveturngame.com

Strength Clusters®
| Mat

link is to the strengthclusters.com website

The Strength Clusters® Mat Toolbox is a powerful learning toolset that serves as a bridge to enhance connection and understanding of VIA Character Strengths through multi-sensory pathways and meaningful group experiences.

visit | strengthclusters.com