#ThePositive Summit is a strength-based approach, organisations and communities have the opportunity to re-frame problem-solving into a more empowering, high-innovation approach that builds alliances, collaboration and bridges to inspiring growth through growing what “gives life”.

#ThePositive Summit is a journey …

When things need to happen fast and need to happen on a large scale, #ThePositive Leadership Summit will ramp up the engagement and enthusiasm for your employees, your stakeholders … the whole team.

Whole-system change is possible, large-group consultation can result in practical action plans and enthusiastic self-nominating project stearing committees.

  • #ThePositive Summit can be used as a stand-alone event.
  • #ThePositive Summit is also used as part of a larger change-management strategy that includes internal capability-building, pre-summit polls, surveys & one-on-one interviews.
  • Groups from 20 – 2,000 empower the change agenda, solve complex and build alliances and connections that build whole system resilience.
  • A #ThePositive Summit is a  2-day or 4-day high-innovation event that will disrupt the status quo and ramp up organisation or community positive-change.
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At the heart of #ThePositive Summit is the Positive Psychology Appreciative Inquiry consultation model.

It goes beyond fixing “the deficit” preventing “losses” with a #ThePositive Summit innovation and creativity is unleashed to build a truly positive future … a mindset or cultural change in the way your people and your stakeholders think about your organisation, your business or your community.


problem & failure focus

overcoming weaknesses

controlling information

silo culture

leadership as control

top-down planning

short-term change

fragmented organisational change

flavor of the month driven change


critical analysis

criticism and negative reinforcement


organisational fatigue

organisational depression

relying on individual contributions

root causes of failure


solutions and building on what works well

excelling at core strengths

openness and inquiry

collaboration/whole organisation mindset

leadership as affirmation

whole-system planning

sustainable, generative change and innovation

integrated change through whole-system involvement

relational, collaboratively driven change


powerful, positive inquiry

valuing and positive regard

shared vision

energy and enthusiasm

organisational confidence

tapping collective wisdom and intelligence

root causes of success

case studies

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