When I talk about positive leadership it is often interpreted as saying that Leaders should be up-beat to the point of responding with “happy clap”, that is not what positive leadership is all about.

Positive Leadership is informed by scientifically proven positive psychology principles. Positive Leadership has a structure with proven methodologies that deliver bottom-line performance improvement.

One of the #ThePositive Leadership models is based on the Appreciative Inquiry branch of positive psychology research. Diana Whitney is an Appreciative Inquiry thought leader, she is the co-author of Appreciative Leadership: Focus on What Works to Drive Winning Performance and Build a Thriving Organization. (2010 Diana Whitney, Amanda Trosten-Bloom, Kae Rader)

The Appreciative Leadership Model has 5-pillars Inquiry, Illumination, Inclusion, Inspiration and Integrity. Over then coming weeks I will be posting a deep dive into each of the 5-dimensions of this leadership model.

To gain the performance improvement and cultural benefits of Positive Leadership, the leaders within organisation need to be willing to do some things differently.

Are your leaders willing to move from a top-down authoritarian leadership style to a more collaborative style that empowers others to co-create? Are your leaders willing to move from any fear-based cultural practices to a focus on individual and organisational strengths? Are your leaders willing to move away from a tendency to talk at people into a culture of d dialogue, real inquiry?

The leaders that flow easiest into a culture of #ThePositive Leadership tend to be the leaders that authentically care; care about individual people, care about groups of people, care about the organisation and the community and even about the world and the wellbeing of humanity.

Leaders that are already willing to engage, with employees and stakeholders at all levels, will find the transition to #ThePositive Leadership easier.

Leaders that already seek to empower others to co-create the future, who know the value that is delivered when others are empowered to innovate and create new solutions will find the transition to #ThePositive Leadership easy.

If you would like to explore small or large opportunities to introduce #ThePositive Leadership techniques and methodologies into your organisation contact me for a free 20-min initial consultation.

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