If you are working in a workplace that is constantly talking about failure, talking about what is not working, talking about what is not right, it just get’s exhausting.

Positive Psychology research shows for people to feel they are in a neutral, or safe, environment the ratio of positive interaction for each negative interaction should be at least 4 positive interactions for every one negative interaction.

The definition of what is a neutral or positive or even negative interaction is a bit subjective with variations between individuals but in general we can all recognise a neutral, positive or negative conversation theme.

In 1992 John Mordecai Gottman and his co-researcher started research into successful and unsuccessful marriages by 1998 study, Gottman developed a model to predict which newlywed couples would remain married and which would divorce four to six years later his model was based on what he called the magic ration, five positive communication interactions to every one negative communication interaction.

Observing communications between couples during a period as short as 15-min resulted in findings that were later shown to have 90% accuracy; a similar study using the positive-v-negative interactions model for marriages that would survive up to nine years was shown to work with 81% percent accuracy.

One way to increase the number of positive conversations in a workplace is to ensure employees have the opportunity to work on projects that are aligned with their own passions, a sense of purpose can convert otherwise difficult tasks into a positive experience.

If you would like to learn more about introducing more positive interactions into your workplace, check out some of #ThePositive Change interventions and case studies outlined in the #change and the #tools sections of this website.

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