20-Point Checklist


Get Started With Podcasting
20-Point Checklist

Download your 20-point Checklist to help you get started as a Podcaster.

A checklist to make sure you have everything at your finger-tips when you need it, prevent the mad scramble to design your guest landing page, after you have already invited guest speaker!

Download The Checklist now as a PDF Document Now!

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Get Started With Podcasting
20-Point Checklist

Starting a podcast is super easy. It’s inexpensive, and your audience will like it. If you want to start a new stream of income or drive more traffic to your website, and you already have an audience, a podcast is an easy decision.

The insider take on what you need to know to get started is covered in this 20-Point Checklist.

There one  PDF Document to download. 

Your 3-page 20-point Checklist to get you started

You can edit the checklist and write your content directly into the document by using Microsoft Word; or more traditionally, just print out your PDF document and write on your checlist as a paper document.

If you would like to journal directly into the PDF document,  here is a video instruction for how to edit a PDF document using Microsoft Word


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