#ThePositive Coaching builds on strengths and purpose to achieve goals.

#ThePositive Organisation & Executive Coaching

#ThePositive Coaching is primarily informed by positive psychology but it also includes cognitive- behavioural approaches and a solution-focused lens.

#ThePositive offers individual executive coaching from a strengths-based model and whole-system cultural change through management team training on how to apply positive coaching principles to employee supervision, problem-solving and performance management.  Many difficult conversations can be positive experiences when they are coaching conversations.

#ThePositive Coaching approach supports you to identify your strengths, develop your strengths, take every opportunity to enhance and activate your positive emotions, take steps to building hope and optimism into your day,build positive relationships and align your goals with your purpose.  Be inspired and motivated by your passions and values.

  • #ThePositive Coaching focuses on strengths instead of weaknesses.
  • #ThePositive Coaching focuses on your strengths and talents is the fastest way to reaching goals.
  • #ThePositive Coaching builds on your sense of purpose,  strategies to achieve your goals are considered within the framework of that sense of purpose.
  • #ThePositive Coaching encourages appreciation of what is already good, already right in your life.
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At the heart of #ThePositive Intensive is the same Positive Psychology intervention as we use for the whole-system large-group consultation approach, the Appreciative Inquiry consultation model is just as effective when used as a catalyst for small group targeted change

It goes beyond fixing “the deficit” preventing “losses” with a #ThePositive Summit innovation and creativity is unleashed to build a truly positive future … a mindset or cultural change in the way your people and your stakeholders think about your organisation, your business or your community.


problem & failure focus

overcoming weaknesses

controlling information

silo culture

leadership as control

top-down planning

short-term change

fragmented organisational change

flavor of the month driven change


critical analysis

criticism and negative reinforcement


organisational fatigue

organisational depression

relying on individual contributions

root causes of failure


solutions and building on what works well

excelling at core strengths

openness and inquiry

collaboration/whole organisation mindset

leadership as affirmation

whole-system planning

sustainable, generative change and innovation

integrated change through whole-system involvement

relational, collaboratively driven change


powerful, positive inquiry

valuing and positive regard

shared vision

energy and enthusiasm

organisational confidence

tapping collective wisdom and intelligence

root causes of success

case studies

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Roadway Express Growth Summit

US Navy Leadership Summit