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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is not a “warm-and-fuzzy” indulgence in “happy-clappy”, or a follow-on after the success of “The Secret” it is evidence-based scientifically proven science

Appreciative Inquiry
Prof. David Cooperrider

Why a deficit focus on the causes of high employee-turnover or low productivity will tell you nothing about what causes low employee-turnover or high innovation and productivity.


Kimmaree Thompson

#ThePositive.com.au Founder is Kimmaree Thompson, Kimmaree is a positive change specialist supporting individuals, organisations of all sizes and communities.

#ThePositive is all about finding your positive-core, identifying and amplifying the strengths that help you be your most creative, innovative and resilient at home and for your life’s work.

Kimmaree specialises in positive change, including large group positive-change facilitation for large groups and whole-system community consultation.

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Power of resilience
Prof. David Cooperrider

Includes the story of how the UN Global Compact was established using Appreciative Inquiry as a large-group facilitation.

Leading Positive Change with Appreciative Inquiry

Positive Leadership: Why Happiness is Good for Business